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You are doing it wrong!!!

Facebook is a powerful platform for small businesses to reach potential and current customers. The problem is that to many small business owners are to busy to capitalize on it or they don’t know how to properly use Social Media. I have been reviewing local business pages here in Poplar Bluff and I was shocked to see how many business are doing it wrong!

Facebook recently made several of major changes to the business pages that make it a superb platform for branding your business, but that also came with a new set of rules. Business now can a large image at the top of the page (Cover Image) to use to establish a brand. Milestones can be added to a business timeline to signify major events in the businesses history. These milestones can be text or photo based. Custom tabs can be added to feature menus, products, and much more. Posts can be highlighted and pinned in order to stand out on the timeline. It amazes me how many businesses are not taking advantage of these new features and how many businesses are violating Facebook’s Terms of Service by utilizing these features in the wrong way.

While looking at local business pages I noticed a couple of major trends. First, businesses don’t have cover images. Second, many businesses had Facebook Personal Profiles and not Fan Pages. Third, cover images violated Facebook’s Terms of Service.

What this means for these businesses is that Facebook can shutdown their page without any warning. Would this be the end of the world for most businesses in Poplar Bluff? No, it would not. However, it takes away a powerful outlet to customers in this day and age of mobile devices.

Be sure you page is compliant with Facebook’s Terms of Service and that you utilize the new features to benefit your business.

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